About me


J u l i e  w e e k s

Julie graduated from Amersham College of Art in 1983,

going on to work in textile design in South Africa, London and Buckinghamshire.

It wasn't until moving to East Lambrook, Somerset in 1992 that she began re-creating the works of Old Masters

and learning about the techniques and materials employed in the 15th and 16th centuries.


Egg tempera was used in the Southern European works and oils in the North.

The paintings are copied using the same medium, oil or egg tempera, whichever was used to create the original.

They are always painted to scale and as near to the original size as possible, on gessoed wooden panels

or canvas as the original would have been.


Julie has worked on many commissions for delighted clients and has exhibited widely in the area.

She regularly exhibits her work during Somerset Art Week

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